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Kama Coils and Transformers strive to be a leading manufacturer of specialised medium range electromagnetic distribution equipment by fulfilling the requirements of the South African mining and industrial markets. We also have the capability to design, engineer and manufacture the complete range of transformers presently in use in the country’s mining and industrial sectors. Kama Coils and Transformers has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing of the following high quality products:

– A full range of power and distribution transformers ranging from 5 VA to 950 kVA.
– Solenoid coils, blow-out coils, Demagnetising coils, and many more.
– Brake resistors, NER’s, and many other customised resistors and resistor banks.


Kama Coils and Transformers not only focus on manufacturing new equipment but have been
refurbishing coils, transformers and resistors for the past 50 years.  Kama Coils and Transformers has
the facility and capability to restore transformers from 5 VA to 950 kVA in voltages up to 66 kV, coils from
standard fabricated bobbins to precision plastic injection moulded units, as well as resistors of any size.


Kama Coils and Transformers provide support services to both the mining and industrial sectors. Our well-equipped team will conduct site surveys to find the most effective solution for your requirement.

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