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KAMA Coils & Transformers has evolved into a world class manufacturer by providing product support that is unsurpassed in the industry. Leading edge technology, value engineering, flexible production capability, and individual customer attention makes KAMA Coils & Transformers the preferred supplier of quality high efficiency products.

Kama Coils and Transformers specialize in the manufacture of all coils with standard fabricated bobbins or precise plastic injection moulded units. This includes the research, design and manufacture as well as the refurbishment of old machinery coils which is often easier and more cost effective than new components or even imported components.

Some of the Coils we manufacture  and/or repair:

Solenoid Coils
Contactor Coils
Switchgear Trip &
Closing Coils
Demagnetizer CoilsInduction Heating Coils
Brake Coils
Vibrator Coils
Toroidal Coils
Blow out Coils
Overload Coils
Induction Coils
Drop out Coils

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